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one of the Best & Luxury spa in Delhi

Sawadhee is one of the Best & Luxury spa in Delhi

Best Massage Centre In South Delhi: Sawadhee

At Sawadhee Spa, we recognize the interdependency between the body, the spirit and the mind and our therapies touch each of these spheres to completely revitalize and rejuvenate the body. Our specialized therapies are curated for individual needs, combining India’s ancient traditional system of healing and the understanding afforded by modern progress to give an experience like no other. At Sawadhee, get Full body Massage therapy in Delhi 

Our staff welcomes guests to a world of luxury and relaxation with bowed heads, folded hands. Continuing time-honored traditions of Indian hospitality, a garland of fresh flowers will refresh the sense and a traditional foot bath with essential oils and herbs will take away any remaining traces of fatigue. 

The Sawadhee Spa, New Delhi is perfect for total relaxation. Specially curated treatments are performed by skilled therapists in private rooms with self-heating massage beds, a private relaxation area, an ensuite aromatic steam shower and a washroom. We also have a couple's spa suite and an infra-red sauna.

We offer holistic treatments that include Aromatherapy, Eastern, Western massage to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Sawadhee is the best Massage Centre In South Delhi with deals for an amazing service.

For more information visit our website: http://sawadhee.com/

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